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Recording student work is an important part of any type of assessment and/ or feedback. Very often this may be a statutory requirement for the education institution that you work for. It may specified by law are referred to as a statutory records while, those necessary are known as non-statutory records.

Record keeping is a critical component of refining strategies because the records can help you spot patterns and suggest improvements. It also tracks your students’ progress and provides evidence to support your grading decisions. Developing good record-keeping habits is essential for organizing, processing, and communicating the students’ understanding of the curriculum and will also make it easier to construct formal and informal reports on the progress of the learner

A book specifically for recording grades or a grading program for tracking grades, assignments, and assessment scores makes record keeping much more efficient. This resource is usually provided for you by the school or district. If you are using a grade book, you can purchase it yourself, especially if you have a specific preference about which record-keeping tool you want to use.


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