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Using Video and Coaching applications for Feedback: Thomas Broderick

Who are you and where do you teach?

My name is Thomas Broderick and I teach a number of modules related to sport, Exercise, physical education and health in the Department of Sport, Leisure and Childhood Studies in the Cork Institute of Technology.

What technology do you use for teaching and learning?

Tablets, Smart Phones and coaching applications.

What appealed to you about using this technology for your teaching practice?

The use of technology provided a real experiential learning experience for our students as it allowed them to reflect on what is happening in the class at that time and then give feedback based on this analysis of what they saw/ learned.

How do you use this technology with students?

Students used coaching applications, including Hudl technique and BAM Video delay to enhance their ability to give feedback and develop their knowledge in a sport and exercise setting.


Students also used tablets to record themselves discussing what they learnt in practical classes increasing their engagement in the module, similar to the diary room in “Big Brother”. This also provided feedback to the lecturer on what the students where learning which will inform future practice.

Big brother Diary Room

What do you think are the main benefits and main drawbacks to using this technology?

The technology enhances the experience of the student as it improves their ability to recognise key performance indicators of movement and give feedback to a client/athlete based on what they see.

This feedback process is a key skill that they must develop and the technology supported them in this process.

In terms of drawbacks, it takes time for the students to get used to using these applications and as this was new to them it was difficult to cover all the content and use the technology within the semester.

What advice would you have for someone looking to use this technology with students?

Give it a try and make mistakes. The students will engage and it will enhance your practice and your experience.

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